About Bensa

Our company was established as a sole proprietorship in 1969 by Dario Bensa, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in engineering.

In 1991, the company became the partnership METALMECCANICA BENSA s.n.c. and in June 2008 it became Bensa S.r.l., a single-member company under the direction of Robert Bensa.

During our forty years, the company has sought to constantly improve in terms of organization and productivity. Bensa S.r.l.’s market includes most of Northern Italy and European nations like Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and France. Recently, in the last three years, the company has reached the global market, with increasing numbers of customers in Thailand, Pakistan, and Tunisia.



At the same time, the company has strengthened its relationships within its surrounding area. The company is committed to various charities and sponsorships of sports and culture. We can currently boast at being one of the sponsors of a young volleyball team, OK VAL. Through this sponsorship, we wish to convey good sports philosophy and the values that have distinguished our company and have helped it to grow and overcome numerous difficulties.


At Bensa S.r.l., we desire to pass on the knowledge from generation to generation. As the son of Dario Bensa, Robert started from an early age to work together with his father and to acquire the necessary experience so that he can now be part of the new generation that carries on the company’s work. Only in this way is it possible to give continuity to the passion and knowledge that has been accumulated thus far.


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